110+ Peacock Tattoo Ideas

Peacock Tattoo is impressive because of Peacock’s colourful tail with numerous eye-like feathers. But did you know that only male peacocks have such feature? Colourful tails are used to perform a courtship ritual – a mating dance, as well as attract female peacocks that look less extravagant in comparison to males. This means that a fanned out tail can be seen as a symbol of masculinity.

Peacock Tattoo Meaning

For those considering a Peacock Tattoo, it can also be important to note some unique traits of the bird and associations amongst cultures.

An interesting ability of the bird is eating poisonous plants without being affected by them, which portrays immortality, awareness and spirituality.

Peacocks are known in many cultures and its traits are associated with Beauty, Balance, Wise Vision, Awakening, Self-confidence, Leadership, Self-love and Resurrection:

  • In Greek Mythology the tail feathers of peacock symbolize the vault of heaven, and the ‘eyes’ of the stars. This symbolizes all-seeing knowledge.
  • In Hindu Mythology Peacock represents fortune, compassion, kindness, and patience.
  • In Asian Spirituality represents qualities like compassion, watchfulness, love, compassion, and goodwill.
  • In Buddhism peacocks are associated with openness, as they tend to display all their feathers when they spread their tail.
  • In Christianity it symbolizes resurrection, immortality, and renewal associated with the spiritual teachings.

Peacock Tattoo Designs – Gallery

Take a look at some examples of Peacock Tattoos from various Tattoo Artists. Peacock Tattoo Designs can look very different depending on the chosen tattoo style: old school, minimal, black or colourful.

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