40+ Peanut Tattoo Designs and Its Meaning

Peanut Tattoo can represent many things as it is a personal choice – some parents call their babies “peanuts” as they look like cute small cocoons, couples might call relationship challenges as peanuts to remind themselves that there shall not be a challenge which they cannot overcome or more simply show a unity – there are two nuts in one shell. But for those considering a peanut tattoo I’d suggest to know its broader symbolism too.

Peanut Tattoo Meaning

Peanuts overall holds a positive meaning and is a sign of blessed times bringing health, long life, continuous growth. Peanuts also symbolically represent the stability of life, prosperity, wealth and good fortune.

In Chinese writing Peanuts are called 花生 huāshēng. First character (花) huā represents “flower” or “blossom” and the second character in peanuts (生) shēng means “born, to give birth to”.

Peanut Tattoo Designs – Gallery

Take a look at some examples of Peanut Tattoos from various Tattoo Artists. It can look very different depending on the chosen tattoo style: old school, minimal, black or colourful.

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