60+ Shooting Star Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Shooting Star Tattoo captures a momentum of falling star, or more scientifically speaking – falling meteorite. In most cultures, whenever we notice a falling star we are asked to make a wish, it is believed that the wish will eventually come true. However, it is not limited only to that. Humans observed the sky for thousands of years creating stories and meanings on divine origins of shooting stars.

Shooting Star Tattoo Meaning

Shooting Star Tattoo symbolises prosperity, good luck, realisation of ones dreams or achieving your destiny. It could also represent an event that was formative but fleeting, leaving a lasting impression on the wearer’s life.

Shooting Stars also holds spiritual meanings. In the old Greece, it was believed that shooting stars are the signals from our deceased souls.

Shooting Start Tattoo Designs – Gallery

Take a look at some designs of Shooting Star Tattoos from various Tattoo Artists. It can look very different depending on the chosen tattoo style: old school, minimal, black or colourful.

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